Who Is Here? Who Is There?


Who Is Here? Who Is There?

In the Garden, when the autumn wind blows,
In the bird’s voice there is wailing and lamentation.

In the lovesick nightingale’s song there is a call,
with a different effect, a different mark.

Still, the nightingale is yearning for the love of the flower.
Still, the salamander is nesting in the oven.

Still, Mansur is hanging on the gallows.
He says: “I’m the Truth,” yet the secret is hidden.

Still, Zulaykha is not afraid of rebuke.
Still, Yusuf is evading Zulaykha.

Still, the Christian maiden is breaching Sheikh San’an’s faith.
Still, the Sheikh is tending her swine.

Still, Majnun desires to become insane.
Still, Layla’s camel flees the caravan.

Still, the noise of Farhad’s pickaxe can be heard.
Still, Shirin’s tale is sweet to tell.

Who is calling and who is telling in the music of the saz?
Everything becomes musical. Who spends life from moment to moment?

Mazun says: “Who is here? Who is on there?”
He is here; he is there. Where is he?