The Qashqai Turks of Fars, Southern Iran

An Historical Framework


Ritual and Social Drama among the Qashqai


Mazun – An Introduction

Twelve Qazals (Love Songs) by Mazun and Their Translation in English

1) I Don’t Know What I Am

2) What Is, Is in Love

3) Existed

4) A Blessed Night

5) My Pain

6) Love’s Religion

7) Insanity’s Home

8) Each Person Has a Different Path to the Friend’s Neighborhood

9) Who Is Here? How Is There?

10) Beloved’s Manifestation

11) Why?

12) Do You Remember?



This site is an ethnographic project. It includes texts, images, and sounds regarding the history, society, and culture of the Turkic speaking Qashqai people of the Fars region of southern Iran.

This project is dedicated to the people who taught me about the Qashqai and the Fars region, and also to those who supported this pursuit and its presentation.

Manouchehr Shiva