Insanity’s Home

Insanity’s Home

I’m building the house of insanity.
I’m the builder. I’m the architect.

I drink the wine of mysticism.
I’m the wine. I’m the wine drinker.

I’m effaced, fascinated by the friend’s visit.
I’m a carefree, a drunk carefree.

I’m drunk, a sober drunk.
I’m drunk. I’m aware.

I’m my own friend.
I’m the tar, I’m the setar.

I’m the world. I’ve no world.
I’m placeless. I’ve no place.

Look! I’ve no possessions.
I’m the head and the leader myself.

I’m not wiping my tears for no reason.
It’s better not to find a solution.

How come I don’t know my own pain?
I’m the doctor and the remedy myself.

I wandered around the universe.
For the friend’s sake I have broken my heart.

Oh poor me! I didn’t know
I ‘m the beloved and the lover myself.

Mazun, I made myself degraded.
I chose to be in love.

I gave my sole to the beloved.
Soul myself, devotee myself.