A Blessed Night

A Blessed Night

Tonight is a blessed night; the friend is my guest.
May this night be long – I hope dawn never comes.

Her light is the candle of my shabestan. (nightly prayer niche – world of night)
Tell the sun not to rise and the moon not to appear.

Her black eyebrow is like the letter qaf of the Quran.
The side of her bosom is fragrant, like the navel of the Chinese musk deer.
(Her breast is fragrant of musk – Her breast is musk sweetened)

For the party’s fragrance her hair is enough.
No rose-water should be sprinkled and no ambergris is needed.

Her perfumed braid is a lasso around my neck.
Her fragrant hair is grafted onto my life.

The lump sugar of her upper lip is just enough.
Why should I want rock sugar? I have no need for sugar.

My hand came upon the fruit of her flowery bosom.
My parched throat had found refreshing.

From her breasts my hands have the scent of muskmelon.
There is no need for pomegranates at this party.

I cannot let go of this cheerful sweet gazelle.
This witty, sweet talking, pleasant conversationalist.

Embrace her and surrender to a sweet sleep!
Don’t expect her to wake up.

My beloved is peaceful, my heart is peaceful.
Things endure, death is persistent.

Mazun says: ” I pray day and night,
may no soul be without a darling,
and no heart without a sweetheart.”

(S 8)