Do You Remember?

Do You Remember?

Handsome, your beauty surpasses other beauties.
Write, let me know how you are doing, peri.

Everybody did, what happens if I do?
Describing your charm in this gathering, peri?

Your breasts are like marble. Your alef-like stature resembles spruce.
Around your flower-like face, curl to curl, is ambergris scented hair.

You’d sleep and I’d stay all night till dawn,
Guarding your assets and riches, peri.

The day I fell in love with your moon-like charm.
I found that my incurable pain had no remedy.

Do you remember, I was saying: Dawn, Dawn?
Praying no ruin falls on you, peri?

You threw me in the corner of a cage, waiting to see
when paradise wind would blow from your hair.

From beginning to end you gave to everybody,
to paupers your assets and riches, peri.

Pauper Mazun cannot tolerate. He rips
his collar with his hand, making his eyes tearful.

Endures because of you, wipes with your skirt,
in view of your eyelashes, his tearful eyes, peri.