Do You Remember – Mazun – D. Wilde’s Poetic Rendition

Do You Remember? (D-S110)

How are you doing, peri?
Write when you can, and let me know,
when you have a moment in between
listening to that guy or this telling you
how gorgeous you are –

And you are gorgeous, you know that.
Your breasts are like chiseled marble,
you stand as elegant as alef, a fragrant spruce,
and your black curls frame your face
as sweetly as the sepals of a rose.

Do you remember, peri, while you slept
I’d stay all night to guard the incredible treasures
of your face and hair, and body?
The day I fell in love with you,
with your moonlit eyes and voice,
I entered into irremediable pain.

Do you remember, peri, I was saying,
“Dawn! Dawn!” a warning and a prayer,
in my state of mind, to preserve you
from being found out and ruined?

You shoved me in a cage and watched,
while my eyes followed you around the room
to catch a glimpse of any breeze of paradise
that might sift from your hair.

Do you remember, peri, that from start
to finish you lent your assets to everybody?
So it seemed, to every rake and drunk
who asked. And kept me caged, to watch.

To Mazun in his poverty, this is unendurable.
He rips his collar from his throat.
Tears well into his eyes. And yet,

he still endures because of you,
wipes his tearful face on your skirt
whenever you draw near, in full view
of your dark and moonlit eyes, peri.